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Allowing your generator to deteriorate will put you at risk it going out when you need it most. Even in Houston, winters can be cold, and the nights can be exceptionally dark. Generators by Wired is committed to providing customers with unsurpassed product support. Our technicians are factory-trained and certified to work on most generator products. 

If you have a warranty, either through Generators by Wired, Generac or another provider, most repairs are covered with the exception of batteries and fuses. Check with your warranty provider for more details. If we did not install your generator and you are not covered under any warranty, there will be a service fee to schedule one of our technicians to troubleshoot your generator.

Ultimately, the best way to prevent generator malfunction is consistent generator maintenance. This will help avoid the rust and corrosion that often leads to decreased efficiency and higher electric bills. Contact our friendly office staff with any product maintenance, repair, or warranty questions you may have.